Switch off the lights

Switch off the lights is based on the classic game othello, where the player changes the colour of his opponent's pieces by surrounding then with his own. The winner is the player who has the most pieces showing after the grid of 64 squares has been filled. Here, you can play against the computer, switching off lights (and saving energy) that it is trying to turn on. You can also chose to play the role of the energy waster...


   Computer switches the lights on, Player switch the lights off
  Computer switches the lights off, Player switch the lights on
   Computer vs. Computer

Player Controls:
Selecting the following option makes your game easier.
   Show switch counts (how many lights will be switched on/off with next move)

Opponent Controls:
Each selected option makes the computer player more challenging.
   Computer favours moves that win the most squares
   Computer recognises value of edge squares